Become a Member!

The Web Team has changed it’s membership rules beginning Fall 2013. You must be a University of Hawai’i LIS student to become a member and pay a $7.00 USD membership fee. This is a one-time fee, which will be good for the entire duration of your time with the UH LIS program.

You have two options for submitting your membership application and payment of membership fee.

Option 1:

Fill out your printed membership application, sign and place it in the Web Team mailbox at the UHM LIS office. You may pay with cash or online below. Should you choose to pay with cash, please leave all your payment and application in a sealed envelope in the mailbox. If you choose to print the form and pay online, please print a copy of your receipt and attach it to your original membership form and leave in a sealed envelope in our mailbox.

Option 2:

Fill out the membership application form below and submit your membership payment by leaving a sealed envelope with your name on it and leave it in our mailbox in the LIS office. Thank you!

Thank you for becoming a member!

2013 Online Membership Form