About Us

Who We Are

The Web Team is a group of volunteer students from the University of Hawai’i Library & Information Science program, dedicated to helping their fellow students improve their web skills. We also support the maintenance and updates for the UH LIS website.

Students who join the Web Team are interested in information technology and the Web and enjoy helping fellow LIS students succeed competitively in today’s networked environment. We have a broad range of experiences and backgrounds; in fact, most of us are novices. We believe that we can learn faster if we learn together in a spirit of cooperation. Many of our successful HTML teachers joined the Web Team as HTML beginners, so we know this formula works!

Our Mission

The University of Hawai’i Library and Information Science Web Team exists to teach LIS students web development skills for today’s information professional. The Web Team works closely with Dr. Nahl, who helps us with resources and project activities. To fulfill this mission, LIS Web Team members hold periodic HTML classes, author online tutorials, and sometimes provide one-on-one tutoring.