Upcoming Workshops for Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule


UHM LIS Web Team Members: FREE

Non-Members: $3.00 per workshop

Basic HTML (January 2014)

Technology is here to stay, and the more you know, the better! Being out in the real world means that you may be one of the few in your small library who has any technology experience. The UHM LIS Web Team is here to help make yourself invaluable to your future employers. This workshop is designed to give you a basic background of what HTML actually is, how it works and will get you started on learning some basic HTML programming skills such as how to create a web page and you will get some practice in with coding before you leave. Students of all technology skill levels are welcome! 

ePortfolio Workshop (February 2014)

We know that you work really hard to make sure you are learning the most that you can while you are in the UHM LIS program. What better way to showcase all your hard work to future employers, friends and family, than on an ePortfolio?! Come to this workshop and find out what an ePortfolio is, why you should have one and gain some great ideas of how to get started on yours right away! 

Citations in Word  (March 2014)

Do you use citation generators on the Internet? Knowing how to build your citations in Word will help you in the long run. This workshop is designed to help you learn how to utilize the citations and references feature in Word to the fullest extent. Come to this short workshop to find out how you can save yourself a ton of time and mental anguish while writing your papers. 

Presentation Technologies (April 2014)

What are libraries using to present to their patrons? This hands-on workshop will focus on the do’s and don’ts of creating and using technology so you can get your point across in your LIS classes and in your future professionally. We will give you a taste of the simple technologies that Libraries are using to excite and delight their patrons. Users of all technology levels welcome.

Library2Go Workshop (May 2014)

Do you want to learn how to access and download eBooks and audio materials from the library? Then come to this short, but helpful workshop! Understanding how to access eBooks and audio downloads from the library is useful for not only your own personal use, but for a future career in a public library system academic library and is a great way to understand new technologies. Please bring: Valid library card, a smart device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, or a kindle). You will also need to have an active iTunes account to download necessary apps.


Additional workshops may be added. Workshops are subject to cancellation due to lack of enrollment. Final workshop date will be announced at the beginning of the month assigned.


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